Carriage Occasions LLC
There are  different horse-drawn carriage
   companies serving  Cincinnati, Covington and
Newport.  Make sure you choose the  horse
and carriage that is right for you
For your safety
We have radio dispatching for quick, easy pickups
We have a red flashing safety triangle on Третьяковская галерея экскурсии для детей the rear of each of our carriages
Carriages and harnesses checked daily for safety
Headlights, taillights and brake lights checked daily
Batteries for lights are charged daily
Owners on-site providing carriage rides
For your comfort
Our Carriages have an AM / FM / CD stereo for your listening pleasure
Our Carriages are cleaned and vacuumed daily
Our Carriages are waxed monthly and often weekly
Our Carriages are equipped with blankets for those cool evenings
Our manure catchers are washed daily
Our manure catchers are emptied and disinfected often thru the evenings
Our horses are bathed or vacuumed as needed, no dirty, smelly horses
For your enjoyment
Our horses are energetic and full of life
You will enjoy the lively walk from our Tennessee Walkers
and high stepping Percherons
Our horses love pulling their carriages
and love all the attention and treats
We custom design rides / tours to fit your needs
one size does not fit all with us
Special items are available upon request, such as
non-alcohol champagne, flowers, chocolates
for extended time rides (for an additional charge)
We do not require a pre-paid reservation
just call Steve at 513-309-3251 and
we will have a carriage waiting for you

Last Update 04-01-2014